Future Events 


Sports Day - 23rd June 2016

This years sports day will be taking place at the end of Breech Lane.  Further information will follow.  Parents, friends and family members are all welcome.  Just make sure you remember your trainers.

Boogie Mites - Children Centre

The staff from Epsom Downs children centre are visiting nursery every Monday to run a Boogie Mites class.  This gets the children dancing and moving and has proven to be popular with all the children who attend on a Monday.  For further information on the services Epsom Downs Children Centre offer please visit their website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Kickers with Coach Clem - Every tuesday

If you would like your child/ren to participate with Kickers with coach clem please speak to a member of staff who can give you further information. All children are welcome to attend even if you do not come into nursery on a tuesday morning.

Emergency Services Day - Spring Term Dates TBC

We currently leasing with the police, fire and ambulance service to organise this fabulous event that takes place annually at The Lanes Kindergarten. This is a great opportunity for children to meet the emergency service personnel who serve our local community. It is also an experience that cannot be missed as children get to try on outfits, hats, coats, boots and climb on board the vehicles. And if we are really lucky the fireman often let us try out their hoses!! This is definitely one not to miss

21st May Pageant 2016 

This year we will be taking to the streets to support this village tradition of the may pageant. Great family day for all and a wonderful experience to be involved with such an event. Children and families will be asked to join us to dress up as (costume to be revealed!) and parade through the village. We are so excited and would like to maintain our trophy of best banner or be awarded the title of best dressed group which we have won in previous years.

Previous Events


Priory Farm visit

The children and parents joined us at priory farm to explore the nature trail and spend time together.  Children were able to climb, run, jump and feed the fish in the lake near the end of the walk.  Once completed the families enjoyed a picnic and the day was finished off by a tractor ride.  

Parents mornings - week commencing 1st February 2016

Parents mornings will take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
All parents are invited to meet with your child's key person and discuss their progress and learning. For parents who have not yet logged onto tapestry this will give you the opportunity to take a look and see what your child/ren get up to at nursery. We do hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend. The appointment list will go up in the hallway for parents to request their preferred time slot.
We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible!!
For further information please speak to a member of staff.

Art Gallery - Of your children's work - Thursday 11th February 2016

Your children are creating their very own works of art this term that are inspired by famous artists such as monet, van gogh, kadinsky, andy warhol and many more.

We are inviting families to come to The Lanes Kindergarten first art exhibition. This is a great opportunity to talk with other parents and for the children to show you how wonderful their creativity is. This is a fund raising event where you will have the opportunity to purchase signed and framed works of art from budding young artists and share some drinks and nibbles. We do hope you will attend and spend time enjoying our cultural experience.

All donations are welcome - we intend to ask the children what resources they would like to enhance their learning whilst they are at nursery. Any ideas from parents are very welcome

Ducklings Hatching - Spring term 

The children were mesmerised by the ducklings.  The spent time observing the eggs and watching them in the incubator before being moved to the cage.  The children were given the opportunity to hold the baby ducklings and learnt about their needs and also how to keep themself safe by washing their hands thoroughly once they had finished.  The children watched the ducklings swim and splash about in the water and there was lots of laughter when the ducklings were jumping in and diving.

We  giving the children the opportunity to watch the ducklings hatch and then them observing them in their first few days of life. A parent contribution is necessary to proceed with this and further information and prices will be given out in the near future.



16th May 2015 - Walton-on-the-Hill May pageantiphone151

This year over 100 people children and adults joined in with our bumble bee costume parade. So much fun was had by all and I would like to say congratulations to our lovely mummy Jo who made the banner and won the best banner trophy.

16th January - Tapestry online learning journeys went live

17th March 2015 - Baby Duckling eggs arrived at nursery

Christmas Sing a long

Christmas craft morning

Singing for the walton elderly residents association at Riddell hall

Parents coffee morning with a chance to look through children's learning journeys

This event was very well attended and the parents got the opportunity to talk with one another and look through their children's photographs and observations.

Mums are magic tea party - 27th March

Back by popular demand mums entered into the tea room where their children had made them cakes and asked what they wanted to drink. Children gave their mummies a very special and well deserved treat and chance to spend time together.

May pageant family day
Walton-on-the-Hill May Pageant
This year we took part in the pageant the theme was 'Our Favourite game we decided to go with the theme 'Mouse Trap'. Our wonderful banner joined the procession through the village. Children, Siblings, Parents and Grandparents along with staff all dressed from head to toe in either red, blue, yellow or green and bought the game to life. A total of 84 mice were in the procession and all agreed it was a fantastic event. Thanks to all that took part and for the the preparations before, I think all agreed we deserved to win for the second year running "best dressed group"

Dads are Fab science workshop
Children and their Dad's arrived excitedly at nursery ready for a morning of simple science experiments. Some of the activities were:
Paper helicopters
Paper aeroplane challenge
Lemonade and raisin experiment
Bucket of water spin
Blotting paper and felt tips
Corn flour
Magnet play
Coke and mentos experiment
Balloon rockets
After all the fun of the day the children and their Dad's sat down to listen to stories about fabulous Dad's and Grandad's.

bucket spin cokeandmentos

Early Years Foundation Stage Parents Evening
All parent's were invited to an evening to look at the curriculum and the impact this has on their children. The evening began with Michelle W speaking about research and how we work towards recommendations such as free flow, where children choose to be inside or out and also child initiated learning which is guided by children's individual interests. We welcomed the Teaching Assistant from Kingswood Pimary School who spoke about their expectations of the children when they start in Reception. And after all parents had the opportunity to play and experience various ways the children learn.

Pony Visitponyvisit33

After our visit to Horton Park Farm we invited little Michelle's ponies into nursery. All the children were able to get up close and personal and sit on them. They got to see how ponies are transported, what they need to wear to stay safe, how to brush them and what they like to eat - Polos! And after that they got to meet the ponies friend who lives with them a doggy.

Theatre Trip to Epsom Playhouse to see "The Night Before Christmas"

This year we organised a theatre trip for the children, parent's, siblings and even grandparents to enjoy. Epsom playhouse was filled by ourselves and we took up over 80% of the seating. All agreed this was a magical experience and in a very intimate theatre, you felt part of the show. All children got to meet with Father Christams and received a gift.

Emergency Services DayP1010069

We once again welcomed Police, Fire and Ambulance Services to the nursery to give the children the opportunity to explore the vehicles and to talk freely. This encouraged the children to consider their own safety and gain knowledge about dealing with an emergency!

10 day Baby Chick ExperiencePhoto0270

In March we held a Chickathon, the idea of this event was for the children in the Pre School to take part in a sponsored bike/scooter ride or for the younger children pushchair push. After this we had a fun day where the children were able to do a variety of things from a cake sale, face painting and much more. This event raised money for the Pre School to be able to give the children a 10 day experience of Chicks (hence the name - Chickathon!). They have been able to observe the eggs in the incubator watch them hatching and care for them afterwards. This experience has been unforgetable! The total nuber of chicks was 7 and four have been homed with children from the nursery.

Parent First Aid Workshop

We had a first aid training provider come and give the opportunity for parents, grandparents and carers to take part in an introductory first aid course within the Pre School. This gave information and skills on how to deal with things from bleeding, burns, baby and child CPR and more. All who attended said "I would feel more confident about dealing with first aid situations." We will definetly do this again after all one day you may be confronted with an emergency involving your children and this could save their lives.

Reigate Priory Park OutingDSCF1405

We recently visited Priory Park in Reigate. We choose this location for a teddy bears picnic and after we went exploring the woodlands and the children had to find pictures of teddy bears that lead them to big ted who was waiting on the bench ready for our story, "We're going on a bear hunt". This was for parents and children to attend and afterwards we spent time in the children's play area. The children played in the sand and water climbed on the pirate ship and used the other equipment. This area was designed by Aileen Shackell who is also in charge of the redeveloping of our outside area.