Whispering Room

Welcome to Whispering Room.whispering room

In the whispering room the quieter activities take place we have a cosy book corner where the children can share stories or sit and rest when necessary.

The ICT area has an interactive whiteboard with a variety of age appropriate programs, a light box where the children have the opportunity to investigate colour change,prisms and much more.

The writing and graphics area allows the children the chance to use a variety of mark making equipment such as pens, pencils, crayons, chalk and more. They can write a letter, take a message and there is lots of choice. The maths area is where children are given the opportrunity to look at numbers, explore shape, space and measures and more.

The snack bar which is available throughout the session offers water and milk and healthy snacks is also in this room.

The children are encouraged to increase their self confidence and to start to build relationships with other children in the class with the support and guidance of the staff. The day has structure but we understand the importance of flexibility within the day, so if an opportunity arises we make the most of it. We understand that all children are unique.

They take part in a variety of activities covering the seven areas of learning:

Personal, social & emotional
Communication language
Physical development
Understanding of the world.
Expressive art and design