Partnerships with Parents

Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.

We encourage parents to share information with us before a child starts in the setting, and this continues once they have started. We ask that parents share all their children’s achievements outside of the setting this can be done by logging on to your child's individual tapestry account where all the children observations, photos and videos are stored. Parents can upload their own photos, videos so that we can celebrate these at nursery. Parent comments can be added to the children's observations also. We do hope that you take the opportunity to do so as this is a fantastic resource that supports communication with yourself and your child about their day. Please visit

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning by sharing information with their child’s key person. We have lots of opportunities for parents and other relatives to come and see their children’s achievements. We welcome parents on outings and to spend time in the setting with their children if they want to.

Parents Storytime

We have introduced a parent story time, parent's on the day they are available let a member of staff know they would like to come in. Then parents bring their favourite story at 12pm and share this with all the children. Siblings are welcome! We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible.